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I would love to become the most talked about jewelry maker and clothing designer.  I enjoy making earrings and clothing and seeing them worn on people at all the events I attend. I hope one day to sell enough jewelry and clothing so I can complete building my own aircraft and become a pilot.  I am looking to one day own a large business and maybe franchise selling my jewelry and clothing.  I am attending college to start a Doctorate degree in the aviation industry.



My vision is to provide you the customer, client with the most unique hand crafted jewelry.  To provide jewelry at the lowest cost and best value.  To make relationships that last a lifetime.



Rachel began making jewelry at 8 years old, putting beads and gems on string for friends and family. She made bracelets, earrings and necklaces and would spend hours making different colors, shapes and sizes. She began to pick out beads, gems and pendants in craft stores compiling a huge supply. Rachel asked if she could sell her jewelry at local craft fairs and 11 years later at age 20 makes products for 8 craft shows/events with people calling for orders throughout the year. You can also purchase her earring and clothing at retail outlets.  Each piece is unique and most are one of a kind. This web site is a way to show her product designs and reach customers all year round.  Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!









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